As-Built Drawings

As-Built Drawings – CAD Updating Services 

As Built drawings are the revised set of drawing submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project or a particular job. All changes made at the site in documents and drawings are reflected in this set of documents. The purpose of the final As Built drawings is to capture all modifications performed at site during the construction and commissioning phases, and form the basis for all future brownfield work on the facility.

As Built documents are developed from the red line markup on the Approved for Construction set of drawings. The red line markup is usually done by hand with a red pen, hence the name. The red line markup is signed off by the construction contractor, the field engineer and the client representative and therefore are a verified set of site changes to be incorporated into the final As Built Drawings.

The process of As Builting a project may also include the updation of the 3D model to As Built Status.


How to Produce an As Built Drawing

As Built drawings are an essential part of the completion of an EPC project.  The main purpose an as-built drawing services is to capture how the construction contractor has built the facility. The construction project may have undergone numerous changes before completion, and these changes have originated from different teams. For example, the construction team may have marked up changes in cable routing, while the commissioning team may have marked up changes in logic and schemes.

The first step towards producing a quality As Built drawing is recording a set of Red Line Markups in a systematic manner.


Recording Red Line Markup for As Built

Red line markup for as built drawings must be recorded systematically and comprehensively, in order to ensure that all necessary design changes are captured in the final drafting of As Builts. Some key aspects to be considered are as as follows.

Exact details of all changes should be recorded. For example, changes in sizes, materials, dimensional measurements, installation details, additions and deletions should be accurately recorded. Mark up in the form of instructions for drafting should be avoided.

In the case of changes to red line markup, old markup should be crossed out and new details added clearly. This will allow a track of changes which will help both the site team and drafting team later on.

All red line markup should have a clear revision history and date. The final set of red line markup should be checked for consistency.


Producing the Final As Builts

We aim to be reliable partners for As Built drafting by ensuring the following are taken care of in the drawings:

-Incorporation of notes and comments

-Incorporation of red line markup in native CAD files provided by client

-Checking of drafting standards as per client requirement

We hope to partner with our esteemed clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai to be the reliable service provider of choice for As Built drawing preparation in the UAE. Please contact us for your inquiries.