Cad Drafting Services – UAE

Cad drawings drafting services offers well executed AutoCAD drawing and drafting services mainly in mechanical and structural fields. By outsourcing (offloading) drafting scope and task to Cad Services, the delivery of correct, precise and professional drawings will be ensured in timely and cost effective manner.

As part of Cad drawings drafting services, we always aims to accomplish drafting services within agreed time frame, with the minimum number of review cycles with the clients, hence, doing the write job from the first time. This is due to the involvement of well experienced supervisory team within our organization.


AutoCad drawings drafting services provides services to companies in UAE, as well as to international companies around the globe.


As part of Cad Drafting services, we shall deliver the following AutoCAD drawings based on client requirement under a specific scope:

We offer AutoCAD Drafting Services in the following areas:

  1. General Arrangement Drawings (GA Drawing)
  2. Detail Drawings
  3. Shop Drawings
  4. As Built Drawings
  5. Solar Systems
  6. Mechanical Parts


We can also provide drafting services mainly using AutoCAD based on Customer specific requirements.

Main operation area of AutoCad drafting Services is the preparation and submission of AutoCAD drawings (mainly in 2D) based on clients’ requirements. Hence, AutoCad drawings Services will be fulfilling client requirement of offloading part or all of mechanical / structural CAD drafting services that are required to be completed especially in the fields of oil & gas, power plants and petrochemical.