Pressure Vessels

Static Equipment – Pressure Vessels, Tanks, etc.

We offer the preparation and submission of AutoCAD drawings (in 2D & 3D) based on clients’ requirements for variety of pressure vessels.

Cad Services will deliver the following drawings in AutoCAD based on client requirement under a specific scope: General Arrangement Drawings (GA Drawing): Based on the input provided by Client i.e. process datasheet, mechanical datasheet, 3D model, SACS model, etc. Auto Cad services will prepare GA drawings showing the overall dimensions and details as depicted in the input. GA Drawings can be of a steel structure (elevation drawing, plan view drawing, sectional drawing etc.), or of a pressure vessel (side view, front view, top view, etc.).

Detail Drawings: Based on GA Drawings, AutoCad services can prepare drawings showing the necessary details that are required for construction. Detail Drawings that are necessary during construction phase. At this stage, Cad Services will be referring to either standards provided by Clients, or the international standards indicated by the Client.

Shop Drawings: Based on the Detail Drawing provided by the Client, Cad Services will prepare shop drawings (or what is normally referred to as cut list) which are needed during the fabrication of a bigger assembly. Cut list can be prepared for steel structure.

We can also provide other type of mechanical drawings in AutoCAD based on customer requirements.