Steel Structure

Steel Structure Drawings – CAD Drafting 

We offer AutoCad Drafting Services for preparation and submission of AutoCAD drawings (mainly in 2D) based on clients’ requirements for a variety of Steel Structures.


Steel Structure: This includes drawings for primary steel, secondary steel and tertiary steel such as framing plans etc. These are required in oil & gas onshore areas and offshore platforms i.e. jackets, decks, bridges, etc. We can also work with the client to update existing drawings created by the client.

Related to CAD Services for drawings drafting, we can deliver the following drawings in AutoCAD based on client requirement under a specific scope: Based on the input provided by client engineers, CAD Services will prepare GA (General Arrangement) drawings showing the overall dimensions and details as depicted in the input. Our GA Drawings will include elevation drawing, plan view drawing, sectional drawing etc. as required by the client.

Detail Drawings: Based on GA Drawings, CAD drawings drafting services can prepare drawings showing the necessary details that are required for construction. For example, drawings for stair details. These drawings are created based on the standards provided by the client. We can also produce them to the necessary international standards indicated as part of the project detailed specification.

For offshore installations, Structural drawings form a large part of the deliverables produced. We provide cost effective drafting services for structural steel to help our clients reduce the project delivery cost. CAD drafting services are tailored to the individual needs of our international clients, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, to provide the best partnership and value without compromising on quality of the work delivered. We follow the client provided template and drafting standard for all our activities.

We can also provide other types of drawings in CAD based on customer requirements and can also produce As Built drawings.